Audi e-Tron Sportback: hot S model has practically 500bhp

2020 audi e-tron sportback front
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Audi has authoritatively uncovered the e-Tron S model, appeared here in Sportback position. It goes marked down summer 2020, evaluated at £88,700 for the swoopier model here.

Little is distinctive among this and the ordinary e-Tron electric SUV. In other words, everything as far as inside tech, plan and drivetrain is persisted. Notwithstanding, as with other Audi vehicles in this form, the e-tron Sportback highlights something of a firmer suspension set-up than the standard vehicle. Continue perusing for more intel on the e-Tron Sportback.

Audi e-Tron Sportback S subtleties

True to form, Audi has presented a S execution model for the e-Tron and its Sportback model. Force is appraised at 496bhp and an astounding 718lb ft of force – a serious contrast over the most powerful non-S variation, the 55 quattro. The 95kWh battery (wherein Audi says 86kWh of it is usable to the driver) permits up to 226 miles of range.



The e-Tron S has a three-engine arrangement rather than the quattro’s normal two; one engine drives the front hub and two drive each back wheel separately. In ordinary driving circumstances, just the back engines are dynamic, with the front stepping in when grasp is lost. There is a game setting for the ESC and, when combined with dynamic mode on the drive select, Audi says this EV can float.

Somewhere else, the versatile air suspension has been brought down and changed for the S model and UK vehicles highlight 21-inch wheels as standard, while wheelarch embeds make the S models 23mm more extensive than a standard e-Tron.

Give me the normal e-Tron Sportback specs

Along these lines, much the same as the normal e-Tron SUV, there are two force variations until further notice: a 50 and a 55, as a component of Audi’s typical force variation terminology. That means 308bhp/398lb ft and 355bhp/413lb ft individually. with Audi guaranteeing up to 277 miles of range from the lesser-controlled variation.

The 50 has a 71kWh battery, while the 55 has a bigger limit 95kWh – both have an engine on every hub for e-quattro all-wheel drive.


The Sportback variation is to a great extent equivalent to the standard e-Tron SUV as far as its inside, innovation (counting those odd Virtual mirrors). What’s happening, however, are Audi’s Digital Matrix lights…

Presentation of Audi’s Digital Matrix Lights

Additionally new on the Sportback is the most recent adaptation of Ingolstadt’s versatile headlights, called Digital Matrix Lights (DML). As far as capacity they offer a progressively exact bar example to the current Matrix LED framework, with a couple of extra highlights.


Instead of banks of diodes illuminating the street the DML headlights utilize an intelligent chip about the size of fingernail that contains 1.3 million infinitesimal mirrors, which can tilt up to 5000 times each second. It’s apparently a similar tech as a film projector.


That permits light to be channeled precisely where it’s required, wrapping different vehicles substantially more precisely than the past framework. It should be persuading superior to that framework however – Audi says this will probably be a €4000 alternative, or around £3500.

Its gathering stunt is that it can enlighten a floor covering of light onto the motorway path before you, obliged by the white lines, and bending with the geology of the street. Onto this floor covering two lines of chevrons show the specific width of the vehicle including entryway mirrors – valuable for evaluating holes in rush hour gridlock or goalposting between tight roadworks.

At that point with regards to stopping up, one of five movements can be channeled onto your carport or carport entryway for extra consideration looking for style.

Innovatively it is conceivable to really extend a film onto the side of your home utilizing your vehicle’s headlights, yet don’t hope to see this element homologated in the creation Audi E-tron Sportback.

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