Ford Puma 1.0 Ecoboost 155 ST-Line X 2020

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Puma is not as roadster connected fiesta.Its connected fiesta fake longer SUV.We’ll grieve the previous sort of Puma however, well, in the event that we needed to keep vehicles like that underway, we ought to have purchased a .

So allow’s size it to it: the new Puma is 54mm taller than a Fiesta (1537mm), a full 146mm longer (4185mm) with a 95mm-longer wheelbase (2588mm) and, maybe generally huge, 71mm more extensive (1805mm). I state huge in light of the fact that the issue with numerous hybrids is that, in attempting to give them some sort of dynamism, their suspension is secured so the ride is hard. The Puma’s track width is 58mm more extensive than on the Fiesta on which it is based, and a touch of extra width should balance a portion of the additional stature with regards to the expanded focus of gravity. We’ll see.

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Precisely, things are entirely clear. Each Puma is a 1.0-liter oil at the moment, with a 1.5 diesel following and a hot adaptation (I know, yet on the off chance that anybody can, Ford likely can) even later. The three-chamber 1.0 comes in four distinct flavors: 94bhp and 123bhp unadulterated inner ignition, and 123bhp and 153bhp mellow cross breed.





It’s a mellow half breed, fundamentally a coordinated starter/generator focused on torque-filling the turbo slack at low fires up and decreasing the CO2 figures, as opposed to making the Puma quicker – despite the fact that it does, a modest piece. Creating 15bhp and 37lb ft, however, and generally at low fires up, not by much. Ford calls the framework ‘mHEV’, whose capitals put rather a lot of accentuation on the ‘mixture electric vehicle’ some portion of things and insufficient on the ‘mellow’ component, for me. Helps me to remember the betting business’ ‘the point at which the fun stops, stop’ battle with ‘FUN’ composed biggest. This isn’t a vehicle that ever goes anyplace under electric force alone, all things considered. In any case, everything helps the numbers, and Ford imagines that by 2022 the greater part of the autos it sells will be some sort of charged. No news yet on a battery-electric or a module electric cross breed rendition of the Puma.

There is room, however, for a greater battery than the diddy li-particle one underneath the boot floor, a territory that Ford is saving for a couple of things: on unadulterated ignition vehicles, the alternative of an extra wheel (acclaim be). Furthermore, on starter/generator autos, what it calls a ‘Megabox’. Try not to get excessively energized. Yet, it’s a novel method for utilizing some space.

The Puma gets a higher boot floor than a Fiesta, and if a battery isn’t occupying the entire room, you should utilize it for something. Here, it’s a square 80-liter plastic break with a plughole in the base, so – at last – there’s a vehicle with a spot to put messy boots that you can without much of a stretch wash out thereafter. What’s more, I surmise, Ford could simply offer diverse box sizes set up to contend with various batteries back there.

Anyway, I’ve attempted the Puma in 153bhp structure, and in ST-Line X trim, which is genuinely close to the highest point of the tree. Costs begin at just once again £20,000 however this present one’s £23,645, for a vehicle that can arrive at 62mph in 9.0sec and return 51mpg, as indicated by its joined WLTP fuel cycle.

Inside, things are truly professional. The dashboard has a completely advanced instrument pack and a 8.0in touchscreen projecting from its inside, with Apple CarPlay at no expense. There’s half-springy material on the entryway tops and some hard materials, as well, and fit and finish generally speaking are acceptable – some chrome contacts that could persuade you they’re really chrome. Be that as it may, in the event that someone took every one of the identifications off and revealed to you it was a Hyundai’s lodge, you’d trust it.




The seats are generally level however ergonomics are acceptable and the motor, out of gear, hushes up. This present vehicle’s a six-speed manual – they all are at dispatch, so we’ll need to talk cars some other time – and simple to get this show on the road on account of moderate pedal loads.

Something about driving a Ford is that there’s an inquisitive, and generally welcome, consistency to the majority of what they make. So in a Puma, impressions come at you quick when you’re not anticipating them. The main shock is that the guiding is inquisitively light, for a Ford, and working in what feels like a mellow warning limit in particular. I thought about whether it was on the grounds that there’d be an excess of torque steer on the off chance that it was permitted to be less over-helped, however there are driving modes and in Sport mode, where the controlling is heavier, it’s fine.

Which is odd. I believe it’s the primary vehicle where I’d wilfully take the heavier guiding alternative. Same, the top travel of the brake pedal is over-light. What’s more, the throttle movement, as you fall off the grip, is in some cases sharp – as though the starter/generator help isn’t exactly incorporated consistently. Something else, the motor’s smooth, calm and endearingly thrummy, however.

Be that as it may, there are other, progressively commonplace, all the more consoling things. The gearbox is snicky, and the ride agreeable yet created. In cornering, the underlying move rate is somewhat sharp – practically like a Mini Countryman’s, the place they’re urgent for you to feel the spryness – yet once settled, the Puma’s normal cornering position is formed and guaranteed. Maybe a Seat Arona alters course more rapidly, despite the fact that it has a more skateboardy quality to its ride while it’s grinding away. A consecutive test in the UK will sift through that without a doubt yet the Puma has a mix of ride and taking care of and deftness that, I believe, is superior to its adversaries’.

It’s respectably charming, actually. Be that as it may, we should not lose it. Seven days before driving the Puma, I procured a boggo 2016 Fiesta 1.25, and notwithstanding not the entirety of its wheels being completely round, it was totally dynamite fun such that this hybrid – any hybrid – isn’t. In any case, that is the place we are.

While Ford was getting the Ecosport so off-base the first run through around – and with its second attempt at it, still not exactly fulfilling those moving over from normal hatchbacks who needed something not-peculiar – enough contenders had botched their opportunity to put a blemish on the class, leaving the open door open for somebody.

Where Nice, France Price £23,645 at a bargain Late January Engine 3 cyls, 999cc, turbocharged, oil, in addition to electric engine Power 153bhp at 6000rpm Torque 140lb ft at 1900-5500rpm Gearbox 6-spd manual Kerb weight 1280kg Top speed 127mph 0-62mph 9.0sec Fuel economy 51.4mpg CO2 126g/km Rivals Nissan Juke, Seat Arona

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